Board Meeting Friends of the First Company Governorís Horse Guards, Inc


Date:†† 29 December 2008 †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Location:†††††††† 99 Restaurant Avon, CT

Time:†† 18:15 hrs

Present: Board Members: Richard Belliveau, Bill Cowell, Ken Nelson, James Murdock, Robert Mazzara, Richard St. Pierre Absent, Richard Morgenstern


The Friends of the First Company Governorís Horse Guards held a board meeting on 29 December 2008 to review its financial position and other new business that may come before the board.


Minutes - the board meeting minutes of 31 October 2008 were reviewed and approved.Motion made by Jim Murdock and seconded by Rich St. Pierre.


Financial Review: - Ken Nelson reviewed the financial report with the board (see attached report) and the report was accepted. Currently the board account has $88,894.43 balance as of 12-31-08 after $3,000.00 is given to the CT. National Guard Foundation.


Golf Committee Ė Richard St.Pierre indicated that the 2009 Golf committee was getting started and that Lt. Mark Csida was going to serve on the committee.


Directors Insurance-. The board authorized Ken Nelson to commit to a 1 million dollar directors liability policy for the directors of the Friends of 1GHG. The cost is expected to be around $1,000.00 and Ken will start the contract in the beginning of 2009.


Honorary members Ė Richard Belliveau will send out letters to various individuals to become honorary members of the Friends. The purpose of these additional members is to assist with fund raising and have knowledge of the organization to replace current board members when there are vacancies on the board.


New Business

  • The board authorized a donation of $3,000.00 be given to the Connecticut National Guard Foundation. This check with be cut by year ending 2008 and given to the CNGF in January 2009. Motion made by Jim Murdock and seconded by Rich St Pierre.
  • The board was unable to vote on a donation the First Company Governors Horse Guard since it had not received a request for any donation as of its meeting date. The board voted to postpone any donation to the unit until a formal request is submitted.
  • Its was voted and approved to reimburse Richard Belliveau $35.00 per month for the cost he has incurred to pay to the WEB site for the Friends of 1GHG


Open Items


  • Grant writing and possible new fund raisers.



Next meeting.††† TBD 1st quarter 2009†††††††††††††††††††††


William J. Cowell, Secretary