Board Meeting Friends of the First Company Governorís Horse Guards, Inc


Dated: 7 February 2006†††††† Locations: Avon, CT †††††††††††† Time:18:00 Hrs.


Those in attendance: Board Members: Richard Belliveau, Bill Cowell, Everett Ken Nelson and James Murdock. Absent:Richard St. Pierre and Richard Morgenstern.

Guests: Chris Miller, Steve Meltzer, Andrew Arsenault, Eric Kaneko, Bree Berner and Gary Brooks


The meeting was called to order at 18:45 hrs. by Ken Nelson since Richard Belliveau had not yet arrived.


Minutes:††† The minutes for the 24 January 2006 meeting were reviewed and accepted with the following corrections. Everett Kandarian and Eric Kaneko were in attendance but not included for those in attendance


Old Business

WEB Page:Bree Berner updated the board on the WEB Page. She indicated that the web page is up and operational with the following address. A discussion was undertaken on what additional information to add to the WEB page. It was suggested that additional pages be included to detail the following: Events scheduled, people in the organization, and by-laws. Bree asked that any other suggestions be e-mailed to her. Bree did indicated that someone other than herself should have access and control of web sites to make corrections and updates to the site. Ken Nelson thanked Bree for her efforts.


501-c-3 application: Ken Nelson reviewed the final draft of the 501-c-3 application with the board in detail. Ken did ask that members of the board review the application on their owe time and call him regarding any issues that they may find.It is Kenís goal to get this application mailed by 2/17/06.


Fundraisers: ††Golf Tournament meeting to be held on 8 February 2006 at 19:00 hrs.


Checking Account: Ken Nelson to open.


New Business: No new business to report


Meeting adjourned at 19:30 hrs.


Next meeting. Will be held on Tuesday, April 11, 2006 in Avon, Ct at 6:30 PM.



William J. Cowell