Board Meeting Friends of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards, Inc


Dated:  13 November, 2007     Locations: 99 Restaurant Avon, CT

Time:    18:30

Present: Board Members: Richard Belliveau, Bill Cowell, Ken Nelson, James Murdock, Richard Morgenstern, Richard St. Pierre Non Board member- George Gonzales


The Friends of the First Company Horse Guard held a board meeting s on 13 November 2007 to review financials, replacement of directors, directors insurance and other new business


Fund raising events – George Gonzales whose company has staged many major events in the Connecticut area discussed possible fund raising events that the could be held on the Horse Guard grounds and what was involved in making one these events happen. Possible events included Connecticut Renegades or a car show. George discussed the need for a media sponsor and/or corporate support to make such events successful. Friends will take George’s ideas under consideration and thanked him for his support and time.


Minutes - from board meeting minutes of 22 May 2007 were approved and accepted with a correction that the Golf Tournament was to be held on 9/10/07 not 9/11/07. Motion made by Jim Murdock and seconded by Rich St.Pierre.


Financial Review: - Ken Nelson reviewed the financial report with the board (see attached report) and the report was accepted. Currently have $60,602.79 in cash.  Ken will be changing the checking account from Sovereign to Bank of America since B of A is more convenient for him. The board discussed putting cash that would not be needed for the coming year into an interest bearing CD. It was felt that this would be a wise move, and it was decided to leave approximately $10,000 in cash and put the balance in interest bearing CD’s


Golf Committee Golf committee chairperson, Rich St Pierre, handed out schedule for committee meetings for the coming year. He also reviewed the budget for 2008 golf tournament. See attached.

Directors Insurance- Board decided to get the directors liability insurance at a cost of $600.00 per year. Ken Nelson to contact agent and get policy in place.


New board members and honary members – A lists of possible candidates to be considered for additions as honorary members or members to the board of directors was provided, see attached. A letter of invitation and explanation of responsibilities will be send out to each candidate to see if they is interest in becoming involved with the Friends of 1 GHG.


New Business

Open Items

Next meeting.   1st Quarter 2008                     


William J. Cowell, Secretary